TOP 10 HVAR Beaches in 1 day tour

Città di Hvar 2-12 persone 8 Ore ID: HV-TR-367

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TOP 10 HVAR Beaches in 1 day tour

Full day Speed boat beach tour

Speedboat Cruising, Swimming, Sunbathing, Snorkeling + GoPro Underwater photography

This magical island offers you all the luxury and beauty of it numerous bays, coves and beaches. Its pure beauty and the scent of pine trees and salt will make sure you never forget Hvar. For centuries the waves of this crystal clear sea shaped the coast of the island and formed over 200 coves and beaches with each one telling its own story. 

During this full day tour we will visit and explore some of the most beautiful beaches and natural attractions along the island Hvar coast and around Paklinski islands. You will certainly enjoy in luxurious mix of sun, clean sea, scents of Mediterranean herbs and an outstanding beauty of the sea and nature. We are staying enough in each location so you have planty of time to enjoy the unspoiled nature, swim, relax and took the photos.

Untouched nature, crystal clean sea, Mediterranean herbs, rocky coast, stunning pebble beaches will leave you breathless. 

During the trip we will capture the most beautiful beaches, moments and breathtaking underwater world with the GoPro Hero camera. When the wind is not to strong and the weather conditions are fine we also use the Drone to capture stunning aerial photos. At the end of the trip we will rest with a refreshing drink and share the photos. You can use our free WiFi conection directly on the boat and share your photos with your family and friends.